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Electrical distribution box with wires, circuit breakers, and fuse box

Electrical Service Upgrades, also known as a “Service Upgrade,” is the process of taking an older model or a newer model of electric service and modifying it to provide better performance. Some upgrades may be a mere change in the style of wiring or the layout of wiring; other upgrades may include wiring alterations or new wiring, and others may be wiring rearrangement to improve system efficiency. The major advantage of an Service Upgrade is the added time efficiency, the upgrade will allow. This efficiency will pay for the cost of the service upgrade in less time than it would if you were to have to replace the equipment yourself.

There are several types of Service Upgrades for Power, and the type you need will depend on the model of the electric service you have. You can also choose an upgrade depending on the level of energy efficiency you require. For example, if your electric service is already quite efficient, but you want to improve its effectiveness, you should consider a high-performance upgrade that will improve your energy efficiency.

If you do not own any electrical service and just need to add a new one, our experienced and knowledgeable electricians can take care of that service. However, it is advisable to have an idea of what you need, how much power you need, and where your service is located before making the choice.



The Basic Types of Electrical Service Upgrades

The most common type of Electric Service Upgrades is called HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). The main purpose of this kind of upgrade is to improve the efficiency of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. In addition, this kind of upgrade often has additional functions to optimize the system as a whole. The typical functions included in this kind of upgrade are energy-efficiency improvements, better operation, and improved life span.

The second most common kind of upgrade is called Circuit Breakers. Circuit Breakers uses the existing circuit breakers to convert the current to flow from one speaker to another. These circuit breakers usually have a built-in thermostat, but some models also incorporate a control panel and multiple outlets.

Another type is called Mechanical Breakers. This upgrade converts a mechanical breaker to a circuit breaker, which is then converted back to a mechanical breaker. A mechanical-breaker may be installed on a hot or a cold water supply line and a hot and then a cold water line. It is important to note that this is not an upgrade that improves the performance of the heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system alone, but rather an upgrade that improves the performance of the whole system by improving its overall efficiency.

All three of the Basic Types of Service Upgrades are important to improving the energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your home. Some Energy Star Rated Equipment (ERS) can actually reduce the cost of the upgrade in some cases, but it depends on the system and the efficiency of the home.

Other costs may come from changing out some other parts of the home.

There are many ways that upgrades can improve the efficiency of your Electrical Service. It is important to make sure that the upgrades are done properly by a licensed electrician from Ajax Electrical to prevent any damage to the equipment, the building itself, or your personal safety.

So pick up the phone and call us now and tell one of our electrical contractors how we can help with all your service upgrades.

Below is just a few of the service upgrades we do and offer. If it’s not on the list, just ask us and we are confident that there isn’t a job out there that we can’t handle!

Recessed lighting
Ceiling Fan Installation
Dimmers, Timers & Motion Detectors
Light Fixture Installation
Receptacle Sockets
Lutron Systems
Motion Sensors
Outlet, switch and home lighting installation
Outdoor lighting, outlets, and switches
Pool, spa or hot tub wiring
Computer wiring
Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors
Underground wiring
Full residential surge protection
Wiring upgrades
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Backup power
Circuit breakers
Code compliant
Landscape lighting
Exhaust fan installation
Generator installation, service, repair and maintenance
High-efficiency lighting

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