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The best practices for security lighting provide the home and business owner the knowledge to prevent, detect, and minimize criminal activity. Our team of licensed electricians can install effective security lights and provide a strong deterrent against crime.

Safety lighting is an essential part of the overall security plan for the workplace. This type of illumination should include a bright, spotlight-type lamp that is placed close enough to the work area to create an illusion of space, but not so close as to create a false sense of security. This type of lighting can also be called “key-chain” lighting. This key-chain lighting can include two or more small lights mounted on a flexible chain.

Key-chain lighting should be placed at regular intervals in a workspace. It is important to place the key-chain lighting in strategic locations throughout the workplace. It should be positioned near doorways, near entry points, in various areas of the building, and in other areas where an employee or homeowner may encounter a suspect during a daily routine. These lighting fixtures should be used at various times of the day. At night, the key-chain lighting should illuminate areas where a suspect might be hiding, such as in shadows or inside buildings.

This lighting is most effective when it is placed where it is seen when the light is turned on. This can include the main entrance to a building or a section of the entrance. It should be placed at least fifteen feet from the main entrance. The lighting can be placed at the front door, a section of the hallway, or anywhere a suspicious individual might enter a building.

Security lighting should not only be visible to employees in the vicinity but to security guards as well for your site. This is because an employee will be able to use the lighting to identify a person that might be suspicious or a criminal. The light can be aimed toward the employee, the individual, or both. A well-placed light can be pointed toward a person with whom the guard has previously been in conflict.

It is important to select a lamp that is easy to use and lights up quickly. The illumination should also be easily adjustable to different light levels. When the illumination is used properly, employees are able to see and use the light without difficulty.

There should be no restrictions on the types of lighting that can be placed in an area. It is important to consider areas that are out of view from the rest of the building. This includes a portion of the parking lot or outside of the building. It is also important to consider areas in the building that are not accessible to the public. It is also important to note that different types of lighting can be installed for different areas.

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